You don’t have to have a Bible degree to be able to interpret and apply the Bible. Nor do you have to rely on a pastor or priest to read the Bible to you.

You can do this on your own – here are a few books to help you:

– Your Bible – I like the ESV Study Bible. The commentary about the books of the Bible and the massages is reliable and great to help understand what you’re reading.

Grasping God’s Word – This book is very helpful in assisting you learn how to interpret the Bible from observations to specific types of books in the Bible. It is what I used at Colorado Christian University and my church is using it for our biblical interpretation class.

God’s Big Picture – If you’re trying to understand how the Bible flows together, this book is a must! This book helped me connect the beginning to the end of the Bible. It’s not just a book of separate stories, it is a book about God’s history woven together through human authors.

– Inductive Study Method – download here from Rachel Johnson. Download to learn how to do Inductive Bible Study.

– SOAP Study Method – download here. Download to learn how to do SOAP Bible Study.

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