Step off the hamster wheel of hustle and step into who God created you to be.

Hi, I’m Danielle Roberts.

If we could have coffee, this is what I’d tell you. You were created for this.

You were created by a God who loves rest, who sees the beauty of hard work and who cares about how you view yourself. He wants you to remember that you’re His daughter. Chosen, accepted, set a part and the things you are meant to do in this life were created for you before you were born.

I want to remind you that self care is more about pedicures and naps. It is about feeding your soul with the things that fire you up, learning about how to set and go after your goals and create a life you love. 

As a wife, mom of four and business owner, I’ve learned how to optimize my time and do more of what matters most.

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been there too, friend. I’m a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur who also feels the pressure of an endless to-do list too. There are a thousand things that need your attention, so how do you figure out what to do first? 

I believe the secret is in the “IZE”. 

  • Prioritize what matters most.
  • Systematize everything you possibly can.  
  • Optimize your life so that you can be fully engaged.

It’s not about living a balanced life.

It’s about living a life integrated. There is room for your business, your family and your self care to exist in the same space.

I wear many hats and I can’t wait to see which one fits when we work together. I am a certified life coach and a business consultant who is passionate about helping Christian business owners find true rest and become secure in their identity as a child of God. 

I feel so much closer to the work-life balance I've been hoping for!

“Before Priorities-Based Productivity I second guessed my work sessions and how I batched my work. I worked every weekend and felt totally burned out. Danielle has helped me to formulate my daily schedule with faith, family, and fitness first so that I can focus on my business and personal areas of my life without having to find time for the things I love. I feel so much closer to the work-life balance I’ve been hoping for! Don’t second guess working with Danielle! You will thank yourself later!”

Krystal Clark

I'm refocused and moving towards the things that matter most.

“Working with Danielle helped me understand how to start running my business and stop letting it run me. I reorganized my weekly schedule to be more productive, and less burnt out from overbooking myself. I learned to prioritize rest and felt so much better for it. I realized that before working with Danielle my priorities were not in alignment with the vision I had for my life, or business, but now I’m refocused and moving towards the things that matter most.”

Melissa Whaley

Danielle is a woman who oozes passion

not just for her family and her faith, but for fellow female entrepreneurs.

She’s very well-known in online communities for her gift of encouragement and for the way she intertwines faith and business. When she told me she was writing a devotional, I knew this was a great fit for her gifts and that’d it’d be a blessing to so many women.

Diana Kerr, Life and Business Coach for Go Getter Christian Women

I now know where to priortize.

“I’m a hot mess and I’m really not afraid to admit it. Before I became a mom and business owner, I didn’t mind it. But now, as I juggle my business, client work and mom life, I knew i had to do something.

Thank goodness for Danielle and her Organization Intensive. She sat me down and we talked about all the chaos in my life and she gave me insight into the best way to reorganize everything (and where to prioritize.)

After our initial call, she checked in on me to see how it was playing out and if I needed to adjust anything in my time management and priorities. Since our chat, I’ve been able to have more time with my daughter, more soulmate clients and less all around chaos. Danielle’s insight into business management and parenting really helped me to find that sweet spot that kept eluding me.”

Raewyn Sangari

There are several ways we can work together.


I work with women they feel stuck, uncertain, overwhelmed or hungry to create change Through a series of thought provoking questions, self discovery and accountability, I help women identify where they are and where they want to be. 

Topics might include: discovering your identity, creating a vision and mission statement for your life, life fulfillment, accountability, and wellness.


You can call it coaching, you can call it consulting but the fact of the matter is this service is a true hybrid. When you work with me, you can expect to be asked some really targeted questions designed to help you settle in as a Christ-focused business owner. Then, together we’ll chart a path for you to move forward in your goals. 

Topics might include: identity, hiring, systems and set up, work-life integration, time management and priorities.


The Productivity Intensive is an in-depth assessment and implementation for you and your business. We’ll deep dive into what makes you light up, fills your heart and help you discover that freedom you crave. 

You get to identify your priorities and how you can live them out. Choosing to be present with the people you love. Loving your business again if it’s been causing you stress and overwhelm.

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