You were created for so much more

than overwhelming days where it feels like nothing is getting done.

Days when you feel…

like you’re not able to spend the time you want with the people who matter most because you’re too busy working to finish that never-ending to-do list.

If you’re like me, you started your business because you wanted freedom, not to feel stuck in an endless cycle of no progress, and late nights and long weekends trying to make something happen.

You started your business to make a difference and have time for those who matter most in your life. I’ve seen this over and over again with so many women who want to do more and do more as they pursue what God’s called them to.

There’s a better way! There’s a way to have progress and make what matters most happen in your life.


You CAN live in freedom and feel fulfilled by your days.

I’ve built my business while working from home. In fact, I actually have built a few businesses over the last few years.

I’ve worked on my college degree, run a business and taken care of my family at the same time.

Being successful in these areas did not happen on a whim, instead, it took dedicated planning, intentional follow through and saying no to things that weren’t as important.

My life and the way I’ve prioritized what’s important to me is an example that once you set your priorities and implement living according to your mission and values, so you can do more of what it is that matters most.

This level of productivity doesn’t have to be just something I can accomplish, but something you can do too.

The Productivity Intensive

The Productivity Intensive is an in-depth assessment and implementation for you and your business.

We’ll deep dive into what makes you light up, fills your heart and help you discover that freedom you crave.

You get to identify your priorities and how you can live them out. Choosing to be present with the people you love.

Loving your business again if it’s been causing you stress and overwhelm.

You’ll come away with:

  • Time in your schedule made to do what matters and get things done – not just start projects, actually finish them.
  • By creating a schedule that lights you up, fulfills you, makes you happy, you’ll be able to continue to do what God’s called and created you to do.
  • You can stop asking yourself what you’ve accomplished with your day, and instead be happy about the progress and the experiences you’ve had.
  • And, you’ll be able to bust through procrastination on the important, not fun things. We’ll get you doing more, better!

Ready to get started?

I feel so much closer to the work-life balance I've been hoping for!

“Before Priorities-Based Productivity I second guessed my work sessions and how I batched my work. I worked every weekend and felt totally burned out. Danielle has helped me to formulate my daily schedule with faith, family, and fitness first so that I can focus on my business and personal areas of my life without having to find time for the things I love. I feel so much closer to the work-life balance I’ve been hoping for! Don’t second guess working with Danielle! You will thank yourself later!”

Krystal Clark

Let’s take you from stressed and overwhelmed to thriving and moving forward in both your life and business.

You too can have balance in your life.

Hey, I’m Danielle, a Certified Life Coach who geeks out on productivity, time maximization and living out what God’s called me to (wife, mom, and business).

I’m passionate about helping you find freedom from overwhelm so you can do what God’s called and created you for, and enjoying the process.

As we go through the Priorities-based Productivity Intensive, you’ll find that freedom as you discover that you can maximize your time well and make the most out of every moment, so you can enjoy life.

The Productivity Intensive

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