The Christian life is an adventure.

I’m sharing my heart through my diary where I strive for authenticity and transparency.

Seeking Joy in Motherhood

I laughed so I didn’t cry as one more challenging mom life experience erupts. Seriously?! I question. My patience wears thin as my child starts crying, an hour after a different challenging event happened with a different child. “Seek joy,” I repeat to myself....

Episode 109: Caring for Others Well with Kari Bartkus

Episode 109: Caring for Others Well with Kari Bartkus

It’s so good to have someone help you work through this topic when it can be a challenge to know how to care for others. Kari Bartkus is a Spiritual Director to hurting Christian women but uses a modern-day letter-writing approach perfect for those drawn to quiet...

Hey, I’m Danielle

Hey, I’m Danielle

I believe you have the ability to turn chaos and scatter-brained tendencies into a thriving life where you can use your gifts and your servant heart in your home and business.

Who am I? I'm a wife of 11 years, mom of four delightful kids, avid reader, tea drinker, and dreamer.

I'm obsessed with using essential oils for self-care (and for your fam jam) and asking questions to help you identify who you are and what God's created you for.

I believe rest is best, more Jesus over hustle, and that we are stewards of our bodies, our homes, and everything we've been given.

Whether you order your oils through me, or we go deep in your life and business through life coaching, I'll be there to equip, empower and encourage you the whole way!

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