The Christian life is an adventure.

I’m sharing my heart through my diary where I strive for authenticity and transparency.

3 Books to Know and Apply the Bible Better

3 Books to Know and Apply the Bible Better

You don't have to have a Bible degree to be able to interpret and apply the Bible. Nor do you have to rely on a pastor or priest to read the Bible to you. You can do this on your own - here are a few books to help you: - Your Bible - I like the ESV Study Bible. The...

Episode 91: Understanding Your Call to Stewardship

You're called to stewardship - in this episode we'll explore what that means and how to live that out. Bible verses referenced: Genesis 2:15 Matthew 25 Luke 19 1 Corinthians 9 Free modules of my class Renew Your Money Mindset can be found here. Recommended resources:...

Tired of feeling like you don't know what's for dinner when your kids are constantly asking you "mom, what's for dinner?!" I've been there and I got tired of not knowing the answer as well. All of the other meal planning people made meal planning seem so difficult - I...

Happiness and Less Stress from Your To Do List

You don't have to stress about your to do list anymore! Find happiness and feel better about getting items checked off by following these steps. There are affiliate links used - I earn a portion of your purchase at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting me and my...

Hey, I’m Danielle

Hey, I’m Danielle

I believe you have the ability to turn chaos and scatter-brained tendencies into a thriving life where you can use your gifts and your servant heart in your home and business.

Who am I? I'm a wife of 11 years, mom of four delightful kids, avid reader, tea drinker, and dreamer.

I'm obsessed with using essential oils for self-care (and for your fam jam) and asking questions to help you identify who you are and what God's created you for.

I believe rest is best, more Jesus over hustle, and that we are stewards of our bodies, our homes, and everything we've been given.

Whether you order your oils through me, or we go deep in your life and business through life coaching, I'll be there to equip, empower and encourage you the whole way!

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