Lewis and I talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), using it in our business, and how to move forward as Christians. He walks us through what his thoughts are from a technical and theological integrated, biblical aspect.

A few points we cover:

  • The question of “should AI be used” is one thing we discuss. Additionally, we look at ChatGPT and how it works.
  • One big takeaway from Lewis is to have caution and discernment when interacting with any type of technology, but especially AI.
  • Lewis’s advice for business owners on how to think through ChatGPT.
  • Having a filter on our technology.

“Have a driving reason for saying yes to technology. Make sure it isn’t detrimental to your spiritual growth.” – Lewis

What’s your take – we’d love to have a conversation about this over on Twitter on this post.


Lewis Ungit is the author of “The Return of the Dragon: The Shocking Way Drugs and Religion Shape People and Societies” and writes on a wide range of topics including culture, finance, philosophy, history, theology, and science. Lewis holds an undergraduate degree in engineering, an MBA, and an MDiv degree. 

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Lewis’s book: The Return of the Dragon

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