Today’s guest is Kathy Dixon, founder and CEO of Oh Yes! Communications. Today she will guide us through how to grow a successful business, sharing the importance of organization, flexibility, and staying grounded in our day-to-day through faith and relationship.


In this episode, we discussed:

  • Addressing our weaknesses in business and how to learn from them

  • Her background as first generation and how it has contributed to her growth as a business owner

  • Being aware of what God has for you and your business in His timing

  • Learning to be flexible and balance life in different seasons

  • How to delegate and grow a team effectively


“Sometimes you have to be okay taking a back seat…I wasn’t missing out on anything. What God had for me is going to be there, when it’s my time.” – Kathy

Kathy is a fierce boy mom of 3, a military wife, a fluent Spanish speaker, and Owner of the marketing company Oh Yes! Communications. Her past clients range from National Geographic, Oprah, and several small to mid-sized multi-generational US-based brands.

You can find Kathy on LinkedIn and @ohyeskathy on Instagram. You can also visit her website at to connect with her marketing team.

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