I’m so excited to have Meghan Birt joining me in this episode of the Created for This podcast! She’s going to talk about one of my favorite things – taking care of our bodies and minds.

Meghan is a chiropractor, educator, and healthy living encourager. She’s also a wife and mom to one sweet girl (with a second on the way). Dr. Meghan’s love of natural health started many years before getting her chiropractic degree. Healthy food and nutrition was the catalyst into becoming a chiropractor and she was able to achieve healing in her own body through natural means. Dr. Meghan wants to inspire a love of health in women and believes every individual has the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible, which can be achieved through natural approaches.

Meghan’s top 3 tips for us are:

  1. Fuel your body well. In the episode, we talk about the supplement Fruits and Greens. You can use this link to buy your own. I use this daily and it’s made a noticeable difference in the way I feel.
  2. Sleep.
  3. Self-care.
  4. (BONUS) Use the resources available to you. We talked about Meghan’s Just Enjoy Health Academy, Young Living Essential Oils (my link to sign up as a Young Living member or check out the oils) and Beauty Counter (Meghan’s affiliate link).
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To read my blog Every Business Owner Needs Essential Oils, click the link. I’ve also added a few YouTube videos to it in case you want to watch more about oils.

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