I thrive as a mom and CEO. This is not just a statement that I am making, I can look at my client testimonials and listen to my husband’s testimony. But, I do not think I am the only one who can thrive – I fully believe you can too. I started my business the same week we found out we were pregnant with baby number three. Over the last three and a half years, and another pregnancy and baby, I have kept my business running and thriving.

Running a business is not for the faint of heart. I am writing this while nursing my seven and a half month old and watching my five and three-year-old boys wrestle. That is what daily life looks like for us.

Here are five lessons I have learned that will help you thrive as a mom and CEO too.

  • Do what you can while you can. I don’t save all of my work for naptime, I am not afraid to work while the babies play. Or eat for that matter. What does that look like for my schedule? It’s changed over time. I have my older two kids in public school and the younger two in daycare two days a week. I record my podcast, videos, and taking coaching client calls while they are all gone. While they are home I upload show notes, check emails and do other tasks that I can be distracted while doing.
  • Naptime/quiet time. I actually nap or do something to recharge. Having four kids is not easy. I get worn out and need to fill my tank, just like the kids. I will work when I have to but prefer to take time out for myself. You realize as a mom and CEO that you have to take care of yourself and rest.
  • I delegate.  I have been a huge proponent of outsourcing and delegating since I started my business. And because I started as a virtual assistant, I teach others how to delegate too. I recognize I am only one person and I do not know how to do everything. I love having others help me. By inviting others to help me with my business, I am also investing in their business and dreams.
  • I steward my home and resources. This idea is new to me, but it has made life so much better. By having days in my weekly schedule where I do not let myself go anywhere, I give myself space to clean, make sure the house is staying picked up, and give myself mental downtime. These days happen because I intentionally schedule them. There is a lot less chaos in when I take this time and focus on my home and those who dwell within it. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of stewardship, it is the acknowledgment that everything belongs to God and we are charged with taking care of it.
  • I limit distractions. I purposefully do not have the Facebook app on my phone (I upload it to use it for Facebook lives then uninstall it when I am done). I have all notifications turned off on Instagram. If I really want to focus while working I’ll close the Facebook tab on Chrome. Social media is a huge distraction for me and by limiting how many flashing, blinking, or bright red numbers are in my face, I am managing those distractions. My work time is precious because I get so little of it and I want to maximize my time well.
If you are a mom and a CEO (or not a mom), my devotional book is perfect for your quiet times because it allows you to read scripture, dwell on it, then journal through some thought-provoking questions. There have been so many women who have told me that this book as been instrumental in changing their priorities and lives. God wants you to spend time with him, even through the business that is our lives. You can purchase your copy here.


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