Today’s episode is one that will talk about periods and girl things – listen with children at your descression (there’s nothing crazy in here, just period talk, but I want you to know incase you’ve got kids around.

My guest is Garnuu founder and is passionate about helping women be the best they can be and that includes how they treat their body with feminine care.

As the Founder and CEO of Garnuu, an organic feminine care company that is on a mission to create periods that don’t cramp your style. She started Garnuu in 2021 out of a passion of helping women all over the world, including using your period to fight human trafficking for girls in Nepal.

 Macy and I talk about:

– What she’s encountered as a company with conservative values

– Why it’s so important to use a period product that is organic – *hint* there are toxins, titanium dioxide, bleaches/dyes and other unknown things in regular tampon brands

– How Garnuu is different from other period products

– Implementing cycle syncing and how you can increase productivity and feel better while doing so

Phases of the cycle: 


– Good for reflection

– Lower energy

– Zero hormones

– Great time to start a new diet


– Growing energy


– Best time of month

– You look prettier

– Higher libido

– Better speech

– Good for strenuous workouts

– Eat colder foods because your body temp is higher


– Some energy -> lower energy

– Burn more calories

– Higher carb cravings

– PMS can occur if hormones are unbalanced

Links from the show

Reel on titanium dioxide

Alisa Vitti “In the Flow” book

Flo Living Instagram account – I don’t agree with everything they share, but there’s a lot of good education on here!

Cycle syncing Instagram post – Garnuu

Buy Garnuu (use code “createdforthis” for 10% off!)

There are affiliate links used in this post – I receive a small portion of the amount you spend at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my podcast through your purchase.

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