Hard doesn’t mean bad, especially when you look at the season through the lens of Christ. 

The Bible verses I read were Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Here are three things that I’ve learned about hard seasons and what can be redeemed through this season. This season can:

  • Reassessing your goals and values
  • Grow your prayer life
  • Increase your dependence on God and the Holy Spirit to sustain you

I talked about the 4 R’s of walking with the Holy Spirit and they are:

  • Remember: you are never alone
  • Rejoice: you don’t have to work in your strength
  • Request: spirit guide you in conversations (and daily life)
  • Renew: daily renew your commitment to keep in step with the Spirit

If you’d like to get a lock/home screen of the 4 R’s, here you go

My email, if you need or want to chat, is dmr@daniellemroberts.com

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