Today’s guest is Katie Martinez, founder, and CEO of Elegantees, an ethically made fashion brand. She seeks to honor God through the branding, honoring her employees in the US and abroad, while fighting human trafficking. Katie has seen the brand multiply greatly, all credited to God’s favor.

In this episode of Created for This, Katie and I talk about:

  • What led her to create her own clothing brand
  • How she’s seen God move as she’s taken bold steps of faith
  • What she expects for the future of Nepal (see the special invitation)
  • How you can support the work Katie is doing through Elegantees

You’re invited to help Elegantees in a tangible way – by helping rebuild in Nepal. They are reopened in a new rented space, new machines, with one of our former managers is character, honesty, and work ethic. It seems like we have full control of what is happening.

Several seamstresses have been recruited from the local workforce that are in desperate need to work, but many women who have been making Elegantees for years are now settled in with our new management. Use this link to buy this special bundle or create your own design.

Please spread the word about the work that Elegantees is doing!

You can find them on Instagram (@elegantees) or the website (

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