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In this episode, Dianna shares:


How being a wife and mom has impacted her business. How she started her business as a single mom who pulled her kids door to door in a little red wagon. 


She found serving people and listening to their stories is how you can add value.


“Make people feel important because they are. Treat every one of us is a child of God. Because we are.”


“Every number or sale represents a person and every person has a story.” 


The book is full of step-by-step things we can do to train our brain to have a new story, write that new story, and be responsible for that new story. 


How to get people to tell you their story and share how you can add value to their lives.

  • Love people

  • Say hello and see if they’ll say hello back

  • Ask and be curious about them

  • Practice


“Feel uncomfortable and do it anyway.”


Take that next bold step.


Living boldly as a person of faith understands they have to be the person who is able to do what they want to do and then they can give back to the world. Personal growth takes over and you can retrain your brain.


Our thoughts become our beliefs, or beliefs become our values, and your values become our subconscious mindset coupled with emotions, and that becomes your actions.


Belief is an idea, faith is a conviction. When you put belief, faith, and trust together, you have a winning combination. When we change the way we look at things, it gives our lives a new perspective.


95% of our success is based on our mindsets. There are 14 different mindsets defined in Dianna’s book. There are seven that liberate and seven that limit.


The actions you can take to help your mindset, eliminate anxiety and depression. 


How we can change the entitlement mindset and bring them to a mindset of gratitude. Understanding a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset. We can teach our kids, and ourselves, how to change our mindset.

Through struggle is where birth comes joy.


What she learned through reading brain scans and the power of writing 5 things people were grateful for. 


Dianna’s number one business lesson: “Each one of us is leader in our own right. We are responsible to help empower those people we’re leading. As a leader, empowering those people, look for the greatness in them. Everyone’s been given a gift. The question is, have they opened that up and discovered that gift. Sometimes that means pushing them to open that up. Sometimes that means getting uncomfortable.”

Mentioned in this Episode:


Mindset by Carol Dweck 


Dr. Daniel Aman 


Becoming More by Dianna Kokoszka

More about Dianna:

Dianna Kokoszka is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, and mentor. As an award-winning business leader, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the business world, developing many leaders during her longevity. Dedicating thirteen years as CEO of KW MAPS Coaching and Training at Keller Williams Realty International, she played a pivotal role in propelling the company to become the largest and most profitable coaching enterprise in the real estate industry. As an innovator, creator, and author of the KW BOLD Experience and Coaching Skills Camp she helped lead the company to be recognized as the number one training company in the world. She is a board member of Growing Leaders, a John Maxwell Leadership Foundation Organization, and captures every opportunity to journey alongside EQUIP Leadership Inc., a non-profit dedicated to instilling values in individuals and transforming nations.

Dianna is a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and a founding member of the John Maxwell Team of Certified Coaches (IMC). As a lifelong learner, she has followed and been mentored by John C. Maxwell since the mid-1990s. Her greatest passions revolve around developing leaders and encouraging individuals to recognize and harness their innate potential.

Amongst her impressive achievements, Dianna’s most cherished titles are wife, mother, and grandmother. Her genuine concern for the welfare of others serves as the driving forces behind all her endeavors, fueling her unwavering commitment to add value to others.

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