Katie Fleming is the founder of $1k Mom, a community of moms who are building businesses and raising a family, and doing both well. Weekly, she hosts the Ambitious Motherhood podcast where she dives into interviews with other moms going after their calling, both in their home and outside of their home.

She is the creator of the MOM METHOD™ – the methodology to building a profitable business on “nap time hours” without sacrificing your sanity or your family life! She loves handing out permission slips to moms and encouraging them to go after their calling both in their home and outside of the home.

Katie is married to her high school sweetheart and together, they have two little girls.

Today on the podcast, we’re going to be talking about personal branding.

Here’s what we talked about:

– 1K Mom is a call for moms to embrace working in their homes and their businesses.

– Network Marketing today doesn’t work the way it worked a few years ago.

Network Marketers need to connect with people on a personal level, not just sharing your products on social media.

– The key elements to personal branding. What are the different pillars you want to talk about?

– Creating knowables in your own personal brand.

– Addressing the fears of personal branding.

– God wants us to show up as our authentic selves. It’s how we’re going to make the biggest impact.

– How Katie has woven their faith into their business/personal brand.

– Trusting that at the end of the day, God’s the one who provides the fruit for us.

– Sharing Jesus through DMs.

– Having a polarizing statement. Who do you want to retract and who do you want to repel.

– Five steps to getting your social profile up to speed for your business.


You can find Katie over on Instagram or her own podcast, Ambitious Motherhood.


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