Jessie Pierce is a Simplicity Strategist who focuses on empowering female dreamers to overcome the overwhelm with simple solutions and strategies for their lives and homes so they can do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.

She realized after graduating from college that she couldn’t do everything while working full-time. She had to learn what she wanted her life to look like. After doing reading, talking with her friend and self-reflection, she realized purpose as a mindset instead of finding purpose and identity not in a job, but in what you’re doing. 

We dig into:

  • Simplyfing what purpose is and how to stop managing the chaos of every day life.
  • The process Jessie uses to identify her priorities.
  • Practical steps to declutter and organize our mind and physical spaces. It has to start with the mind before you can ever get to the physical spaces.
  • Clarifying questions on how to declutter physical things like clothing.
  • Her tidying routine.
  • How you have more breathing space when you have less clutter.
  • Involving the kids in decluttering and teaching them that less is more.

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More about Jessie in her own words – I’m all about pursuing what brings you joy, doing more of what you love, simplifying and streamlining what you don’t, serving others with your gifts and skills, and leveraging systems and routines to simplify your home and life so you can invest more in what matters most to you! I equip, empower, and encourage women through mindset work, goal setting, decluttering, organizing, time management, self-care, productivity, routines, and making more natural choices for their personal and household products so they can live a simpler, saner, more abundant life! In my free time, you can find me cooking up new recipes in the kitchen (probably making a big mess), relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea (one of my faves), or spending time with my people (they’re the best!).

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