Today’s episode is all about how I batch produce my content. I walk step by step through how I create content. You won’t want to miss this episode because as a business owner, it’s so important to be able to work smarter and get more done each day. Come listen in as I talk you through how I work.

It’s something I’m really passionate about because it helps me get a lot more done in my day with my four kids and the younger ones only being in daycare a limited number of days of the week.

Wednesday is the day that even the 3-month-old is in daycare and the day that I currently use to get everything done. Batching is simply saying that you’re going to get everything done in one day or in one set of time.

I’m also multi-purposing my content. I do a video for my YouTube channel, the podcast and create a blog out of this as well.

After I decide what platform I want to develop content for, I decide what I want to create. If I’m recording with a guest, I record with them on Wednesdays. If I’m writing, I try and write on those days. I find that when I’m more focused then I’m able to get more done. If my kids are around then it’s harder for me to write.

The things you can batch are things that have an action. For instance, letter writing. If I want to write letters, I’ll go in and write at the same time so I don’t have to constantly take out cards, stamps, and getting a ton of stuff out every day. If you’re Facebook posting for your page or group, you can schedule out posts. That way you don’t have to go in every day and schedule, you can do it all at once so it’s done.

You can batch cook or clean. It honestly depends on your season of life. Right now I don’t have the fridge space to hold that much prepared food but I do like to do all my cleaning at one time.

If you want to implement this and it sounds like something that could work for you, you should try it. It does take time to plan it out and you might need to do a few tries, however, it is worth it.

I take time in the middle of the month to prepare my ideas and themes for the next month so that I know exactly what it is that I’m doing before. Know what you’re talking about and how you want to talk about it.

Try to free up distractions – turn off all of your notifications on your phone, close down tabs or computer windows if that distracts you. If you feel like it’s not working, see what’s going on. Also, if you need some help and accountability, schedule an Organization Strategy session with me. It’s a 45-minute call with a 20-minute follow up call to help you create a better strategy and get organized so you can batch your schedule too.

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