This is kind of awkward. I know I’m usually all about the goals, all about the goals, no treble (gotta love that Meghan Trainor). 

This year is different though and I’m okay with that (although I feel awkward telling you this). Instead of making goals, I’m continuing on with setting my priorities and creating habits that serve those priorities. I’m not setting goals for 2020.

Ooph, glad that’s out. Now, here’s the truth that seems to be overlooked a lot of times when we think about goal planning – goals don’t often get met because they’re focusing on the wrong things. Have you felt like that before?

That’s right, sometimes we make goals that either are not fulfillable, don’t align with what God has for us, or just aren’t right for this time and place. I’ve done it and it’s pretty frustrating.

I used to love goal setting, until last year when I realized I didn’t love it as much as I had in the past. This past year God surprised me with a sabbatical (period of time off for rest and learning) that started in September and is still going on. While I love rest, this wasn’t what I had planned, and it was not a goal, however, it was very much what I needed. Goal planning lost its luster once I realized that I could do something different instead.

My goals for last year from my Faith and Focus Planner were something like “steward my home,” “build my email list,” “make 5k months,”  and “get healthy.” They go more into specifics and with the Faith and Focus Planner where I wrote them out, but you get the gist. Goals should also be something that can be attained. My goals of stewarding my home were possible, even getting healthy has been possible and I continue to work on both of those things. However, growing my email list was not a realistic goal because I didn’t have the right goal set.

As I learned as the year progressed, I need to prioritize my business. That’s an area I’ve been called to prioritize and instead of focusing on only growing my email list, I needed to take a holistic approach. That included taking the One Funnel Away Challenge (which I haven’t finished yet) and identifying where it was that I needed to work on my business, then do that thing. I’ve been pivoting over the last few years and my coach challenged me to settle on one thing and focus on that for the next year. So I picked educating women on essential oils. (I’m excited for this direction!)

Over the last year I’ve also gotten my life coaching certification and grown my skills in that area. And God freed up my schedule to go back to college and (hopefully) finish my degree that I started back in 2007. God gave me the desire of my heart and it wasn’t even a goal. When we set goals (and priorities), we have to be flexible to where God places us and what he places in our lives.

What I’ve learned is that you can set priorities that align with where God has you instead of making goals that may or may not be kept. You can look at the things that you do with a sense of stewardship. You can decide to take care of the things and people God has placed in your life at this time and find fulfillment there.

And really, whether you’re setting priorities, or you’re setting goals, living life with open hands to receive from God is the best position to take. That means you’re living with an open heart to what God gives, or even where he takes something away.

Priorities-based productivity is something I help women with through my intensive and it’s how I’m methodically focusing on life (instead of making goals). I suggest 3-5 priorities at one time because honestly, 3-5 is a lot if you’re doing a lot within those priorities.

Within my priorities, I’m fluidly spending the time where it needs to be, doing what God places on my heart, and working with only a few focuses so I can actually accomplish things and steward well what happens within those priorities.

My priorities for 2020 are: Family, Home, College, Business, and Health.

For example: My business. I still want to grow and put energy and effort toward my business, however, I’m okay with focusing fewer hours on business right now because my focus is elsewhere. It’s an area I still feel called to and I’m developing out some different plans, but I’m staying fluid because honestly, God has big plans for this and I’m still not sure what they are. I’m still coaching a few people and have an opening if you’d like to start out the new year with making progress and finding clarity on what your own priorities are.

Health. I am a huge priority in 2020. My adrenals are constantly fatigued and I’m not well-rested, no matter how much I try to sleep. My natural health practitioner and I are working on this right now, however, I also know that stress, chemical-free living and so much more go into the endocrine system being healthy and that’s a process. Another process is training for another half marathon. That’s a goal within these priorities that I’d like to work toward and there are a few things that need to happen before I can actually buy a spot in the race. Whatever happens with the race, I’m living hands open, because I’m working on my weight and my physical ability to run 13.1 miles again and any forward progress is huge.

So, what are your priorities for 2020? I know this is a new concept and maybe doesn’t align with how you live, and that’s okay, however, I wanted to give you something else, if goal planning hasn’t been working.

Remember, no matter what you do, whether goal planning or prioritizing your life, God’s in control and he guides us where he wants us.


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