Have you noticed how it feels like excitement is building and more holiday plans and references are already starting? I do.

Sometimes I really dislike Christmas because it can be so dang busy, chaotic, and come with so many obligations. It can be really hard to do everything at once, right?

Here’s the thing, we don’t have to. In an effort to be more intentional about my holidays I’ve decided to focus on a few things and go from there.

I’m giving myself permission to not do everything, and do work on some parts of the holiday prep now because in reality, Christmas is not about the hustle and bustle, it’s about Jesus and celebrating his birth.

Some ideas I’ve had for working ahead are:
– gifts
– ordering Christmas cards then addressing them and getting the ready to send (Quianna, my 10 year old is helping me with this part)
– deciding who we’re spending which holidays with and what cooking I’m doing
– meal/menu prep (not cooking yet, but deciding what to cook)
– thinking through what business specials or bonuses I’ll offer
– deciding what I want to order if people have black Friday deals
– saving up money so our budget doesn’t take a hit (I started this back in January thanks to The Budget Mom)

This week I’ve been working on gift lists so that I can start my shopping early and stay ahead of the game as far as Christmas goes. (I’ll share my fun gift list with you for you to download too).

Obviously gifts are just one small part of what you can do to prepare, but I feel like it will make a difference in the next month or so when shipping is overloaded and companies can’t keep up. I also want to not be stressed about it.

Anyways, I hope this helps! Wishing you happy organizing and hey, if this helps, go ahead and share it with a friend!

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