Did you know there was a female entrepreneur in the Bible? I didn’t either until someone broke down Proverbs 31 at a conference. The woman in Proverbs 31 has a business and we can learn so many valuable lessons from her.

Y’all, when I heard Proverbs 31 differently for the first time, I knew writing through verses 10-31 was the answer to my calling to write a book. The book was something I’d been avoiding because I felt inadequate and unable to follow through with creating the right book. And while I had my answer to what I could write on, I still said no to Jesus for a few more months.

You know how when you reach out to Jesus with our thoughts of how we can’t do various things? We share our doubts, fears and thoughts on how things are going to go (not well) and he answers. For several months, he kept lovingly telling me to write the book, so I finally decided I would listen to what he said.

As I waited to start writing this book, a love and deep admiration grew for you. Yes you, the female entrepreneur. God touched my heart on topics that I believe are special to what female entrepreneurs deal with. My heart broke as I heard the inner thoughts and doubts expressed because of what female entrepreneurs believe about themselves and their God-given abilities. Y’all, my heart through this book is that you learn how special you are to God.

He loves you and wants you in his life so much that he sent his Son to die for you. And he’s so creative and loves to watch us enjoy life that he’s given us talents to enjoy and love and use to bring others joy. It is important for me to specify my audience because you, my dear, do all sorts of wonderful things only you, a female entrepreneur do.

I am also just like you. I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, mother, friend and so many other things. I know I need time with Jesus but I run in every different direction as I try to juggle all the roles I play, so this book is written for me too.

If you’re ready to invest in growing in your relationship with Jesus, hop over to buy my book, Created for This.

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