Today I’m going to talk about a four-letter word – r-e-s-t. If you know anything about me, you may or may not know that I don’t like to rest. I do rest, but I also tend to push a little too hard. I’m very, very cognizant that I push a little too hard because my body is telling me that I need to be resting more often. I don’t enjoy not doing all the things.

It’s hard because I have so many things going on all the time that it’s hard to focus on resting, but I am to the point where I really actually need to rest and God’s laying that on my heart and he’s saying I need to stop pushing and start resting. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but here we are.

Because we’re talking about strategy in June, I want to talk about how to strategically make rest. I’ll be talking a little about rest in the upcoming weeks and I’ve talked about rest before. One of the blogs I get the most hits on is my blog called “When God Called Me into a Season of Rest.” I’ve linked to it so you can read it there.

I think it’s so interesting that it’s one I consistently get hits on and repins from Pinterest because I think we as a whole are trying to find rest and something isn’t matching up. So, if that’s you in this place, here are some ideas on how you can get rest as a CEO and what rest looks like in the Bible.

God gives us a great example in Genesis on how God created people, animals, plants and creation in six days, and then on the seventh day, God rested. He didn’t have to, but he did. I was reading in Hebrews three and four on rest. My Bible notes talk about how he took a break and enjoyed what he created. He set a pattern for us on how to rest which is so important.


1. Having a team. Being able to ask for help is huge. When I went on vacation a few weeks ago, I asked my VA to check on my email. It brought peace of mind knowing someone else was there and I could take a step back and things would be under control.

If this is something you need, maybe this isn’t the time to implement it if you don’t have a team yet, but it’s something to consider for down the road.

2. Repurpose your content. Repurpose, reusue, recycling content is something I’ll be doing this summer. I’ve created so much content that I know not everyone has seen. With the algorithms, not everyone is seeing everything. Looking back at Instagram, I don’t know about you, but I’ve written mini blog posts on Instagram so I’ll be looking there and creating other content out of those Instagram posts. Whether that will be Facebook posts, emails or blog posts, I’m excited to have that content ready to share.

We’ve created so much content and there are so many who are now talking about repurposing instead of adding more content. And it’s smart time wise to use what we have again.

3. Use an out of office email autoresponder.

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