Isaiah 40:31 says, “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, they will walk and not grow weary, they will mount up on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow faint.”

When God calls you to rest in business

Waiting on the Lord is in no way an easy thing. As I wait, the trouble often becomes not trusting God’s timing as I wait on him, seeing bills coming in and not seeing the progress I expected, and I tend to take things into my own hands. I worry, get anxious, and scramble for things to be done my way instead of allowing God to work in my life which leads to more chaos, frustration and not following what God may have planned out for me. This doesn’t usually lead to resting, which is often when needs to happen and what I am being told to do.

I’ve recently talked about how God’s called me into a season of rest. My thought as God’s called me into a season of rest is, ‘why now, when I’ve got so much to do before the baby comes, I’ve got ideas to flush out, and I’m not sure my business will look the same in the next few months.’ Thinking through these thoughts makes it really hard to sit and rest and wait on God.

My need to figure out and plan life is causing me more anxiety and right now, what I should be doing and what I’m sometimes reluctantly working on sitting and waiting on God. It’s not easy, or simple. It doesn’t permit for pretty plans to be drawn up, but it’s a significant time of trusting God with what’s most important to me – my family and my business. And honestly, the last month or so I’ve struggled with illness affecting my thyroid and adrenals. In this season of rest, I keep reminding myself that God’s timing is perfect – he’s allowing me to take naps, give myself extra space to take care of myself, my family and my business so I can continue to lead and run them well.

Isaiah 40:31 has been a favorite since my first year at Bible camp in 1996. The message it gives of an eagle soaring and rising up is important during this season and in business, I think we need the message as well. I told my friend the other day that business was a marathon, not a sprint and that in business, you need to rest and allow yourself to run and not grow weary. The NIV study notes from my Bible talk about how when we wait on God, he reveals his thoughts and we condition ourselves to hear from him. I love this and it makes so much sense in how I need to be at this time.

I want to pass on these thoughts with you because I’m not the only one who is being called into a season of rest right now. So how do you respond in your business to a calling of rest?


It’s for a reason and God’s not going to waste a season.

You never know what is coming, good or bad and resting and waiting on God will always lead to good things.

Rejuvenate while you can, how you can.

Do what you feel is okay for your season. For me, the rest is still working, just not as much and not as hard as I expected to be working right now. I love my business and find rest in doing some of the activities that it involves.

So my question for you after hearing me talk through all of this is: where do you stand on resting, even if it’s just weekly? And do you have advice for me? I’d love to hear it so please leave a comment below!

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