If you’re new to me, I’m an Accountability Coach, soon to be a certified Life Coach and an Essential Oil Educator.

When I recorded this, we had bedbugs who decided to hitch a ride home with me. While this has not been an optimal experience and a rather pricy one to get them taken care of, I’m glad I learned these lessons. *This episode was recorded pre-house heating and currently we’re bedbug free.

  1. Margin. You may have heard of it before, basically, it’s leaving enough room in your life for life to happen. I don’t ever want to fill my life so full that I don’t have room for something to shift or change. My mastermind that I was selling seats into should have happened. With the numbers it should have worked. And there was interest but there was a lot of “it’s not the right time” or “I don’t have the money or space right now.”

    Because I haven’t had the mastermind, and I’d lost a few one on one clients, I’ve had the space to deal with the bedbugs and I’ll have the free time to deal with the guy coming to heat the house. Having a margin has saved my sanity. Moving forward I want to make sure I’ve got extra space in my schedule in case someone gets sick or something else needs to happen.

  2. Your rest days and rest hours are vital. I’m passionate about intentional resting. Turning off your phone or social media and grabbing a book to rejuvenate or go to church and just be renewed by God, while worshiping with others. I woke up on Saturday feeling exhausted. We had some obligations so I took care of those and then relaxed. It wasn’t like I was putting off work, there’s not a whole lot you can do. We’d already gotten the mattress encasements on, and I’d spread Diatomaceous Earth all over my daughter’s room. At that point, it was better to rest.
  3. Our identity has to be rooted in Christ. With the mastermind not selling any seats, I could have said ‘Danielle, you’re a failure, you could have done more, you could have done something different, your business sucks.’ The fact that my identity is rooted in Jesus, the truth is, he is where I’m drawing my worth and my identity. That means I don’t need to get down on myself and who says that to a friend. You should treat yourself better than your friend or at the same level.

    Who I am in Jesus is not going to change, depending on how my business performs or how I perform as a business owner or a housekeeper. Your identity doesn’t depend on how you are as a business owner, it depends on who you are in Christ, who Christ says you are. That freedom you have to walk that out everything you’ve been created for comes from Jesus. Ultimately, that freedom doesn’t come from being a business owner and being able to create your own schedule, which although it’s amazing, can change. So what happens if it changes, how does that identity affect who you are at your core. I’ll be talking more about this and about the core of who we are. It’s been really powerful for me to say “I’m a child of God. I’m free. I don’t have any condemnation. I am an image bearer of God. I am redeemed.” There are so many “I am” statements from the Bible we can affirm our identity in Christ.

    Our identity will bring us down or pull us up, but I’m more concerned about being pulled down by what I allow into my life. I want to make sure my identity is rooted in Christ. He doesn’t change. Our relationships change. I’ve been married to my husband for almost nine years and we’ve both changed. We’re still married, praise the Lord!

If you’re looking for Christian affirmations like I talked about, you can click here.

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