It’s so good to have someone help you work through this topic when it can be a challenge to know how to care for others.

Kari Bartkus is a Spiritual Director to hurting Christian women but uses a modern-day letter-writing approach perfect for those drawn to quiet spaces and written words.

Kari shares her acronym CARE from her book, Courageous Care: Helping others even when you’re afraid.


C – Courageously compassionate

A – Authentically taking action

R – Relying on God

E – Ever mindful of the other person


How to care for others as either an introvert or an extrovert.


“We want the other person to know they are seen, loved, and taken care of.”


How to care for those who are not in your close group of friends or family.


How to practically apply your spiritual gifts when caring for others.

Spiritual Gifts Survey courtesy of Dr. Tom Rush – Listen to his podcast episode on using your spiritual gifts here. 

How to avoid burnout as a caregiver.

  • Know who your people are to serve in this season. It can be as simple as your family or extended family.
  • Have a ministry of intercession – pray for those around you. Prayer is the most powerful thing you can do for others.


5 Creative Ways to Rest, Refresh, and Renew


Look at how the person you’re caring has cared for others in the past or how the receive care best – mirror that.

 How to work through your own trauma and hurt through journaling in Kari’s program Journal Gently. The program allows you to help others out of your own wholeness instead of your hurt.

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