Maybe it’s just me and this season of life I’m in, but the new year and everyone’s goals, goal planning and picking the word of the year have left me feeling overwhelmed and lacking.

This is the first year I’ve turned my back to the trends of “year-long planning”, “goal planning”, “picking a word of the year” and genuinely being excited for the new year.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very much excited for a renewed focus on life, but I’m also in a place where too much is overwhelming and I’m seeking the slow lane instead of the fast lane where I’m deep-diving into fixing and changing everything and taking on a 1,000 goals at one time.

Here in the slow lane, I’m prayerfully addressing when to restart my business, judging how much time it’s going to take to finish my statistics class every week, contemplating whether or not I should try and finish up my college degree faster, and working on creating trainings on essential oils to support my oils group.

It feels odd to me to be moving more slowly at this time of year when usually I’m all about taking on more and doing a lot. But this is what I need, and maybe you do too.

What has your heart been telling you about this time of year?

Goal planning is great. Setting priorities for the new year is great and I’m all for it.

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