Exhausted, emotional, bone weary.  There are so many words that can be used to describe the state you get in when you’re emotionally drained from a day’s (week’s/month’s) activities. Sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it. That was me today, after dealing with misbehaving kids and handling the stress of my college class final coming up on Sunday, plus my mastermind launch, and working on my funnel for maternity leave. I love stress – my husband calls me a stress junky because I have to have a lot of things happening at one time.

Today I was at my frazzled point. Which led to yelling at my kids and a trip to the cookie factory because I wanted to emotionally eat – not the best way to deal with the emotional exhaustion. So what is a good way to handle these feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and just plain tired?

  1. Pray – a no brainer, but still an essential action when you’re dealing with overwhelm. You can also ask others to pray for you. It’s powerful to have others praying for you, especially ladies who know business and love Jesus – which makes me really excited for the Better Together Mentoring Mastermind!
  2. Pull out a Bible verse you’ve prepared for the times when you’re dealing with emotions out of control. Ones I need to write down for next time are:

Romans 12:1-2

John 14:1

Psalm 147:3

  1. Take your thoughts captive by speaking truth over yourself. Remember what God says about you, or ask him to speak those positive words to you. Rebuke any lies satan is placing on your mind.
  2. Essential oils – I love them and I love that we can take what God’s created and use it to support healthy emotions. A few favorites are:


Peace and Calming





*If you’re interested in getting any of these oils, use this link to Young Living and order. It’s like an affiliate link so I get a commission of your order.

  1. Journaling helps me write down my thoughts and gain perspective on what is happening in my brain. Sometimes I can’t talk with someone so instead of talking, I write. I have a notebook that I used just for my journaling to keep everything straight and then I can go back and read what I’ve written. Often, I’ll see how God’s working through my writing and it’s a great reflection tool!
  2. Have a spirit song or CD to get you back into a happier mood. My favorite is Bethel Music’s CD We Will Not Be Shaken and I’ve been going back and listening to some Barlow Girl (remember them from the early 2000’s?)
  3. Talk to a trusted friend about what you’re feeling and maybe talk through why you’re feeling them.
  4. Talk to a counselor or certain life coaches, if your emotions and feelings continue for a long time. I have seen a counselor for several reasons for several seasons of my life and it’s made a huge difference in my ability to handle my emotions in a healthy way.
  5. If it’s impacting your business, don’t be afraid to tell your clients or customers. This can be direct or simply that you’ll need some extra time for projects. One of the worst things you can do is to hide what’s happening if it effects work. There becomes a lack of trust if the ball gets dropped or frustration when products aren’t delivered in time.

My heart goes out to you, dear sister, if you’re experiencing these things right now. My prayer for you is that, as you read and follow through with one or a few of these things, it will feed your heart and soul. If you want more in depth Bible verses for all seasons of life as an entrepreneur, grab my book, Created for This, for your quiet time readings. It was written for a business owner, for every season and most of the emotions we go through. As an business owner, this is the devotional that I need!

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