It’s the results. This is kind of embarrassing to admit. I always forget the results. I don’t know about you but there are so many times when I work really hard to get something done or I complete something and get it checked off of the to-do list, but I forget to celebrate the results and I forget that the results happen. I get so caught up in make sure I get things done that I don’t take the time to celebrate (even the little things) or to acknowledge the results of making things happen.

What led me to this realization was the fact that while putting together my Priorities-Based Productivity Intensive, I was focusing on the steps I needed to get it out into the world and how I’ll serve my clients, but I forgot to focus on the results. Thankfully, one of my friends pointed that out to me after I asked for feedback on my offering. Now, I’m sharing the results of how it will allow women to break free from the overwhelm they feel and allow them to thrive in their home and business while experiencing freedom in their schedule (which I’m excited for). Goodness, I’m so thankful for my friend’s wisdom and reminding me to look at the results.

It got me thinking about how I need to implement more focus on results. If you’re like me and you don’t stop to celebrate after a win (however tiny it is), I’m going to encourage you, as I’ve been encouraging myself to celebrate more. And that means praising Jesus more too. He’s brought about all of the things in my business that has been both good, and bad, and I want to praise him more for those things.

In the fast pace of life, I’m discovering that it’s important for me to remember that results are important and even more so, to be aware of the results I’m getting in every step of the process. I might not be finishing a project on the first try, but I am making progress towards that end goal.

Acknowledging what we’ve accomplished is important for our productivity too. When we see results, we want to keep moving forward on projects. We want that same high we get from something getting done. If you start your out day with a quick win like journaling gratitude, you start your day by being productive. It’s a quick win that will start the snowball of wins for the day. This is a great way to ramp up your mindset and positivity too, it will also make you feel good.

So celebrate! Eat the ice cream or the cookies, or get your celebratory ‘I made it through the week’ coffee (this is a real thing for me). I am committing to focusing on being aware of the results I’m currently getting, and celebrating those results.

I know that I have a tendency to push myself hard and hold myself to a super high standard. Being aware of that, I am going to take some time to celebrate getting my life coaching certification when I get that in the next few weeks because that’s a big deal. But, I also want to celebrate and recognize tiny results that I have throughout my life. And start practicing that in our family, because we all can use a few more celebrations. What are you going to do?

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