Today we’re talking about money. You’re probably either in two camps – you’re either excited about money or not excited about money. I am going to talk about money mindset for Christians. I am not a money mindset coach, I’m not a financial planner, but what I do know is the truth of the Bible.

Money does not need to be feared, it does not need to be something we dislike, and I know money is powerful. God has given us money, he’s given us currency¬†to do things with.

I see so many people where money is an issue. I do work for Tonya Rineer who is a money mindset coach and maybe that’s why these things are at the forefront of my mind because of that awareness and how people look at money, but regardless, money is important to us as business owners. Tonya is a lot on the woo woo side so if you want to check her out, you can find her here.

First I’m going to read to you out of my devotional, Created for This. Money is important. I wouldn’t be sitting in my house if I didn’t have money. We need it and that’s why I’m talking about it.

We need to make a profit or our business would be a hobby. The Proverbs 31 woman knows this and when she finds that her work is profitable, she doesn’t stop working. And she’s profitable. Then she gives money to the poor.

This theme of giving money continues into Romans 12:13. We’re able to give money we earn to others. Our business is not just about us. It can be used by God. But we must not make more of the gift than the gift giver.

As Christian business owners, we don’t need to be afraid of money, we can show godly wisdom as we handle our money. I love the fact that money allows us to give money to others.

While I was a missionary, I learned how big of a blessing it is for missionaries to receive support from others.

I want to talk about how we view money, I’m reading out of Luke 12:13-24. Life is more than our possessions. Saving for life, saving for retirement is a good thing, but when we start putting money before our relationship with God, that’s not a good thing.

We see a good biblical representation of money. I love how in Luke it says, abundance is more than possessions. I’ve been preparing for an abundance workshop. It’s something that the world has taken and twisted a little bit. In my new book, I’m writing about topics that are important to the Christian faith and in the business world.

As we look at money, what I want to highlight for you guys is that money is okay. Money is good. Money allows us to do so many things. I want you to stop looking at money as something is bad. God doesn’t say that money is bad. It can be when we place money over our relationship with God. It can be when strive to attain wealth.

We need to start looking at money as a tool that God has given us so we can work in the lives of other people. I want you guys to be like ‘Have you heard that one about money? Money’s good you guys.’

There are so many times when money has been a source of anxiety in my own life. But God always provides. There have been times when I’ve seen God bless people with money, whether bills get paid by other people or we get a job when we need it.

God sees that money is stressful because he sees us struggling over it. God will put us in situations where God will have us rely on him. As he sees our faithfulness and as we return to him, we’re able to move forward and have a greater trust in him.

I’d love for you to join me for the abundance workshop. It has blessed my socks off learning about true abundance. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Bible verses used:

Proverbs 31:18-20

Romans 12:13

Matthew 6:19-24

Luke 12:13-21

Abundance workshop May 14-18. We’re walking through what biblical abundance looks like, why it matters, what it means in our businesses and how to move forward in true abundance. Sign up now.

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