I want to talk about preparing ourselves for the holidays and Advent, not our business necessarily, although business is important. In this instance, I want to talk about our hearts and in ourselves and what we’re doing for our families as we prepare for the holidays if you’ve got a family or just friends in actuality.

It’s a huge thing as we prepare to go into this season. I think prioritizing our wants and our needs now that might seem really simple that might seem really difficult depending on where you’re at with this and what your other priorities and what your other commitments already are. I think it’s a really good to check out what it is that you have going on in your schedule and what is you want the season to look like.
It’s important to remember the reason for the season which is Jesus right? We as Christians have this huge reason to celebrate the reason the reason for the season.
Last year I talked about making room in our hearts for Jesus and you can watch the video for that here.

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