Something that has recently been mind-blowing to me was that when I was recently asked about how business was going, I responded that I was content with where I was. I’m usually the person who wants more money, I need more other things, I want to do more and be more. I’m content about my accountability coaching, teaching people about essential oils, my planner and my other side projects. Contentment is hard for me. I’m a perfectionist and I expect a lot from myself. I feel like I should be further along, or be making more money. As entrepreneurs, I feel like we have to constantly be reaching for more and better.

For me, that contentment comes down to a lot of money mindset work. How is that possible? Well, I’ve been working a lot on knowing the numbers in my business. By knowing how much money we have, how much money I’m bringing in and where the money is going. My husband has a full-time job outside the home and our money is our two incomes combined. I feel in some ways responsible because I’m the one who is choosing to work so I’m the one paying the daycare bill and not paying the daycare bill which is ludacris.

For me, knowing my number is how much I’m spending in my business if I’m not a payment plan if we need to buy groceries, or how much we need for other things. I know that the money that I’m making is taking care of our needs. I’m content knowing that what we’re doing is working and it’s good. I also know that our God is an abundant God. That’s been a huge switch for me recently. Contentment is so much of a heart game. Paul says in Philippians 4, that had learned to be content in all circumstances.

This mindset shift is why I’m so passionate about what Melissa Whaley and I have put together for Know Your Numbers Live (formerly Q4 Financial Fix).

Know Your Numbers Live is a 6-week program with training from Tax Advisor, Melissa Whaley, on

  • Have a clear system on how to track your income and expenses
  • Have the tools and skills to get your 2018 income and expenses sorted and ready for tax filing
  • Gain a better understanding of how you work and how to prioritize the work
  • The knowledge you need to take your business up a notch

with Accountability Coach, me, Danielle Roberts, so you actually finish the program and start off 2019 on solid financial footing. Join us here now!

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