Looking for ways to be more productive? These are some of my top three tips for productivity that you can implement right now:

1. Limit your social media time. Let’s talk about the mindset of social media. Why do we go on social media? For me, when I’m bored, when I don’t have anything in my hands to do, or if I’m avoiding doing things then I’ll go on social media. I’ve trained my brain to think that if I don’t have something going on, or even if I do, that I need to be going on social media consistently. That’s called addiction and that’s not being productive.

We’re trying to live other people’s lives through social media which causes so much discontentment with our own lives.  I’m not saying that all social media is bad, I get a lot of clients through social media. We wouldn’t say to get clients in Facebook groups if it wasn’t effective. If you’re looking for ways to help, there are numerous apps you can get. Feed eradicator is one that I’ve heard of. 

Instagram has a way to check and see your usage. Under your activity, it will tell you the amount of time you spend on Instagram per day. You have to think about how much time you’re spending interacting purposefully instead of just scrolling.

2. The Pomodoro Method. This is the idea that you can focus on something for about 20 minutes and after that, your productivity goes down. So you work for 20-30 minutes and then you take a break for 10 minutes. You do this cyclically. 

I taught this to my 17-year-old sister who is working on her homework and finishing up high school. She’s been having a hard time finishing her work and being productive. She came back to me when she had tried this method and she was amazed at home much she was able to get done. There are apps you can use to do this, go to (affiliate link) Amazon and get a timer or use your phone timer.

This is so helpful for so many clients and what I use for my coworking events. You can get so much done in 20 minutes if you just focus your time.

3. Time Blocking. I love time blocking so much that I added a full sheet for time blocking to my Faith and Focus Planner (currently available on my website). On those sheets, you can plan out your monthly tasks (or weekly if you download the downloadable version I have for you). 


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