Today’s guest is Avery Forrest. Avery lives near the Gulf Coast of Alabama. She and her husband planted a church 11 years ago and they have to wild boys. Avery has been an entrepreneur for 10 years and ran a successful wedding photography business. At the end of 2019 Avery felt God leading her to something new so she trusted and followed. Avery has a business where she equips female Christian entrepreneurs for their mission in the marketplace. Clarity to Courage offers in-person retreats and conference to equip these women. The first conference is October 25-27th, 2021.

She shares her wisdom with us about seeking clarity from God as you look for direction.

– Pray intentionally with specific targets – knowing the questions you’re asking God.

  • One of those questions can be “what’s the next step.”
  • There are more prayer prompts in Avery’s Praying for Your Business linked below.

– Listen to what God’s telling you.

– One of the things Avery did was to list out what you’re good at and sought wisdom weeding out what things were right for the current season.

– She said, “sometimes you have to step out and try it. Clarity comes as you step out and try something.”

– “God cannot steer you when you’re sitting still. You have to move” – shared in a Lisa Brevere book.

– “There’s no compartmentalizing our lives – our spiritual life, business life, and our home life, it’s all mixed together.” They all have to be addressed together.

– Pray for your business prompts can be found here.

– Clarity doesn’t mean you get the whole picture.

– Clarity comes from time and communication with God.

– There are people who need what you have.

– Clarity comes from knowing God’s promises for you.

– Psalm 139

– You have to be okay to pivot and shift to the next right spot.

– Do the things God asks out of obedience.

– God wants us to trust him with the things he’s telling us to do.

– Where haven’t you trusted him or done what he’s asked you to do? It’s possible this is keeping you from clarity or the next step forward.

The Clarity to Courage Conference is October 25-27, 2021 in Alabama. You can find out more about this great conference on Avery’s website. To get $50 off the price of the conference use the code EARLYBIRD.

Avery’s heart and vision for her ministry is on her website. You can also join in the Facebook group “Christian Women Entrepreneurs: Growth Through Community” using the link.

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