When I first got married, my husband and I were in the Navy. We probably made around $6,000 a month, with rent and utilities taken out of that. Lucas had moved up to Maryland before we got married and I followed a few months later from Pensacola with a box of our wedding gifts and my uniforms. Like many couples, we didn’t know how to be married, sort of knew how to cook, and we had no furniture. Thankfully Maryland in the spring is warm because we ate dinner outside on our steps most days (no dining room table either). He had bought a blow up mattress when he moved in and it took us a few months to buy a real one.

Our first few years of marriage we lived paycheck to paycheck, not really saving money, and not really understanding how to budget or save. We didn’t have much to save.

Struggles in Paradise

Fast forward to when we were stationed in Hawaii, one of the most expensive places in the United States. We had two kids, and it was a pretty rough move where our resources were stretched and our credit card debt grew. I was SO stressed about our finances, but that didn’t stop me from buying things, because I found some sort of happiness in the ability to buy stuff for our house, and I love coffee from Starbucks. Needless to say, we were in trouble.

After meeting with financial advisors who had no idea why we weren’t making ends meet, I decided I needed to change and I started digging into what Jesus said about money. We left the island and moved into my parent’s basement and then our own rented home. I was on unemployment, my husband was working at a coffee shop and going to school. Things were beyond tight and while I’d stopped my crazy spending to a point, I still had work to do. It was around this time I’d been hearing a lot about manifestation and non-biblical mindset. Knowing there must be more to the story, I again turned to the Bible. Combined with our purchase of a house, an additional two kids, and my husband getting a better job, I set out to have some sort of control over our finances. 

Taking Control

How was it that money could slip through our fingers so quickly! What the Bible says is that God is an abundant God, and that money is not an evil thing when used right. I started looking at how we thought about money and how we were using money and started to use the oil Abundance to help break through some of the mental blocks I had around money. I started examining my own money story from my childhood. What I found was freedom from the anxiety I carried around money when I learned to give our finances and money to Jesus in prayer and practical application. Reminding myself of biblical truths surrounding money has brought about better beliefs around money, while I work to dig us out of our cyclical debt.

My heart on this subject of money and biblical money mindset is to bring freedom to other women in this area. One way I’ve been doing this is to focus on the abundance of God and say affirmations around this area.

I’m inviting you to join our Abundance Challenge starting on May 20. Email me at dmr@daniellemroberts.com and I’ll get you the information. (If you aren’t a member of Young Living and want a roller of Abundance oil, I’ll send you one.)

Bad money mindset is no longer my story. Will it continue to be yours?

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