Over the last few weeks, I’ve stepped back from social media. Partly because I’ve wanted to take time to work on my own writers voice, partly because I got super burnt out on creating content that seemed to go nowhere, and partly because I was tired of scrolling through people who looked like they were doing awesome (and a lot of my friends are doing awesome things!), and I felt left out and like I wasn’t doing anything or going anywhere in my business.

Now before you think this is a pity party blog, I want to tell you this is not. I’m sharing this because it’s a lesson I’ve been learning, and my dear, sweet, non-judgemental friend (hey Linds), said: “Danielle, you should talk about this someday.” I’ve been wanting to pop into your inbox with something meaningful for you and this has been on my heart. So, without further delay, here’s my heart.

I’m really tired of watching people have great ideas, grow their business then I sit here, bummed out and just not growing. 

I’m tired of feeling like I’m not original and not good enough and my ideas are not good enough.

Most of all, I’m tired of feeling like I need to work harder because “hustle/online business” says you get further if you hustle harder ALL OF THE TIME.

Sweet friend, it’s not true. Everything in bold is not true. And these things spurred my heart on to find the truth. Talk about a punch in the gut.

I stepped away for a sabbatical from the majority of things in my business because I was tired. I still am. But this rest has been GOOD. It’s been refreshing for my heart to know that God has me right where I need to be.

And friend, I’m writing this with tears rolling down my face because I needed to know this truth (you might need that too). I needed to remember that he knows my story. He knows my heart. He knows that I want so badly to encourage, empower and equip thousands of women to serve him well – for his glory. He knows because he’s put that in my heart. And he hasn’t forgotten about the work he’s doing in me and through me to make that a reality.

Let me tell you, my sabbatical has not been restful in many ways. I’ll share more later about that, but I want to let you know that what has been restful, has been intentionally stepping away from what is not serving me or my family in this time. 

I’ve got a list of things I’m not doing right now, and there’s a LOT on that list. What I have been doing is reading my Bible more, coaching a little bit, working hours and hours on my college classes, learning a lot and seeking God on direction for the next steps in business (or more importantly, the next one right step).

What I’ve learned is that it’s SO easy to be caught up in comparison, in feeling like God’s given me a business but then hasn’t given me any new or great ideas for it so I feel like a failure and then I question my purpose, my identity and if I’m even the right person for this business. (Yes, real, raw thoughts from my heart.)

Gently, as I’ve been giving myself room to rest and seek out Jesus (which is really hard and being still and quiet isn’t what I do best), I’m met with peace.

Peace that it will work out.

Peace that he’s providing for me, even when I doubt that my business will make money that we need in this season.

Peace that he’ll give me the right idea to carry out in the right time.

Peace that He is God and I need to just sit back and allow him to do his thing, even if it means feeling like I’m not growing or that I’m not making new, great, big ideas happen.

Social media can be a distraction and a comparison-inducing activity, but so can reading the Bible (have you heard the ones about the Proverbs 31 woman – it’s crazy how much comparison is attached to her). 

Realistically, it all comes back to knowing your identity as first, a daughter of God who he has set free by grace (his gift of erasing your sins) and then releasing you to do his purpose and his calling. Your purpose is to bring glory to him. Your calling is that thing on your heart that he’s given you to pursue. There might be a lot of other women out there who have the same calling as you, which makes it look like they’re doing the same thing, but really, your story, experiences and the way God’s gifted you, make your business and your ideas YOU.

Girlfriend, the next time you’re feeling like you’re stuck with no good ideas because they’re all taken, remember God wants you to come to him with those feelings. Don’t sit with those feelings of worthlessness, but instead, go to the one who has made you worthy of your calling and given you the redemption of being his daughter.

He’s made you strong and worthy. He’s made you brilliant to run your business and do your thing with the gifts he made you with. He wants you to rest and feel his peace as you dwell with him and abide in his presence.

Be still before the Lord, draw near to him.

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