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(No, this is not one more thing to do.)

Well, if you’re overwhelmed you’re not alone, I’m sorry to say. Goodness, the moms I talk to have so much going on. It’s harder with school this year no matter what the status (in school, virtual, or hybrid). With juggling running a business, back to school, and other responsibilities, it’s a lot. Give yourself permission to acknowledge you’re doing a lot right now.

I’ve been working through overwhelm myself – with four kids, working outside the house for 1 hour a day M-TH and 4 hours F, homework for my Bachelor’s classes, running the house, and more, I’ve been struggling. I’m not immune to feeling overwhelmed.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or want some strategies for reducing the things going on in your life, I’ve got 3 easy things for you to do to eliminate your overwhelm or at least reduce it.

  1. Identify what you can batch (do all at the same time). For me, that’s making lunches (at least bagging lunch meat) and snacks (15 total each week). Social media is another great thing that can be batched.
  2. Identifying what’s not important in this season and what is important. Priorities are key right now. For us, we’ve dropped date nights out of the house and instead put the kids to bed and then turn on a movie or read books in bed together. It’s still fulfilling my quality time love language but is not as busy nor does it mean traveling. Cutting down on how much I’m posting on social media because I don’t feel like it’s a priority right now.

What has been a priority for me is my time with Jesus, my marriage, family, business, and classes. Those are what I focus on and where the majority of my time and energy goes. I’m also focused on myself. Yes, myself is a high priority. This takes the form of Pilates every day, reading for fun, and time with friends, plus taking care of my body – oils, vitamins, body brushing, and Gua Sha.

  1. While the thought of resting might seem strange while you’re overwhelmed, have you ever realized how much better your outlook is when you’ve slept or done something that encourages you and fills you up? I certainly do.

Bonus: These are a few other things that help me do the above (some are linked to additional blog posts):



Increasing productivity


Make lists and notate what will take under 5 minutes, do that instead of scrolling IG or FB

Meal plan and prep some food for the week

Not freaking out over a dirty bathroom or clothes not folded to perfection

Asking for help from friends and family

Have systems that make sense – I’m currently reading The Lazy Genius (affiliate link) and it’s so great for thinking through these things

Tracking my period and hormone cycle. Sometimes hormones are crazy. Watch this video to learn more of how I track my cycle using FEMM.

Using my essential oils – specifically Envision for overwhelm and oils for calm, rest, and focus

Time blocking

Brain dump everything going on and decide what to cut out or put on pause

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